SEO writing tips for your business

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The easiest way to drive consumers to your website or landing page is via great content. Therefore, when you are publishing a blog article or social media post, the content should be relevant to your audience and grab their attention. Another key point is with the acceleration of digital across all industries the days when … Read more

What is location tagging and why is it important for hospitality businesses?

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Location tagging, simply put is the specific location, down to the latitude and longitude your business is located in. With a reported 80% of the UK population using social media. Location tagging your business can open you up to significantly higher visits, engagement, and conversions. Every day social media users browse through or search posts … Read more

Google My Business Listing – Why should you use it?

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Google My Business – Why should your business have a listing? After one of our recent social media posts about Google My Business. We decided to share a bit more information to help you with Google My Business for your company.  What is Google My Business? Google My Business is a marketing tool aimed to … Read more