The benefits of content marketing

Content Marketing consistently proves that ‘Content is King’, the conversions from great content speak for themselves, have you seen the benefits of great content marketing?

So, what is Content Marketing? It is an inbound marketing strategy. Inbound marketing is creating content that draws in your target audience via consistent storytelling telling of your product or service. By tailoring a narrative around your brand, the content you produce will feel more authentic to the reader, even better if you are able to create niche content for different audiences.

How will great content benefit your business?

  • Your audience will delve deeper into your site. There’s no surprise that great content will capture your audience, not only does this mean they’ll want to be on your site for longer but they are also likely to return again and again.
  • Social media engagement will increase. You might have a wealthy amount of followers but are they interacting with your content? Content Marketing could be the answer you are looking for!
  • Build trust in your brand. Customers like to have a relationship with a brand they are interested in. When you create engaging content they feel like they are part of your brand’s journey and develop trust in your product or service.
  • Increased visibility online. With consistent, relevant and high quality content, the better organic SEO results you will receive. SEO is a valuable part of digital marketing – the higher you feature on search engines the better!
  • Gain authority within your industry. If you produce content that is credible, you’ll soon be seen as a fountain of knowledge for your industry. Customers are likely to engage with you more if they see you as an industry expert.

We’ve covered some of the benefits of content marketing it’s time to look at how to develop an effective content marketing strategy. Your strategy should fit alongside your current marketing plan. You don’t want to be doubling up on work unnecessarily, or creating content that won’t attract your target audience.

How do I plan an effective content marketing campaign?

Firstly, you need to consider the type of content your target audience interacts with, and what channels you should be posting content on. Having a clear idea of where your content will be published is a key priority when developing your strategy. 

Secondly, research is a must with content marketing. Knowing the type of topics that are on trend in your industry will give you a head start when creating content. Tools such as Google Trends, show you the search volumes of phrases, and keywords. Keyword research using tools such as SEMrush will show you what your users are currently searching for. Giving you a great tool to optimise your SEO for blog articles and video content. Google Analytics is a free tool that shows you where your website visitors are coming from and their demographics and interests.

With this information in mind you can then start to build campaigns using the following:

  • Which channels will you use
  • The type of content will you produce
  • What topic, keyword or question are you going to address
  • The type of buyer is your content targeting

Once you have outlined the type of content you want to produce now’s the time to get work and come up with great content that keeps your audience coming back for more!

An effective content marketing strategy should be one of your biggest priorities, but that doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. Bolster your content marketing efforts with the help of specialist digital marketing agencies like Purple Turtle Marketing. If you want to find out more about how we can help drive performance and generate leads, get in touch today!

The benefits of content marketing - Purple Turtle Marketing

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