2022 looks set to be a great year for PPC marketing, as with all other channels we the technical enhancements, new releases, and innovative ideas. We’ve taken a moment to explore our top 5 tips for PPC Marketers this year.

  1. Keyword changes. Expanded Text Ads (ETA) are being phased out of the Google Ad network. From 30th June 2022 advertisers using the Google Ad network will no longer be able to create or amend ETA’s. Allowing, the more popular Responsive Search Ads (RSAs) to be used.
  2. Conversions. The types of conversions are increasing, allowing advertisers access to a more sophisticated way of tracking ads. Additionally, PPC conversion goals such as transactions, demo requests, and much more. Are you measuring the right goals for your business?
  3. Keep an eye on your automation. With many platforms rolling out automated options for ad management be sure not to take your eye off the ball. Whilst automation has its place, be sure to monitor and guide the process to get the most out of it.
  4. Look deeper into your responsive display ads. Responsive display ads can fit into any location. The use of static image display ads had the disadvantage of only being seen in the exact ad dimensions. One of the key benefits of responsive display ads is they allow the user to tweak the ad assets using the Google Ads performance feedback.

  5. Matching with the right customer. For marketers finding the right customer at the right time has been the focus for many years. For example, with the increasing crackdown on cookies, first-party data is even more important for marketers. Entering the targeting strategy: customer match to your search enables your ads to reach them again or similar users.


PPC has been used by multiple businesses across different industries and will continue to be a popular choice moving forward. Lastly, to get the most out of your campaigns they need to be managed effectively to see the best results.

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