Social Media – Where do I start?

The realms of Social Media are a really hot topic in marketing, whether you love or loathe it, all businesses should be looking to incorporate a form of social media marketing in to their strategy. Deciding which platform would suit your business depends on your audience – B2B or B2C? We have listed below the most popular social media platforms and a bit more information on what they do for businesses.

Facebook – first jumped on to public screens in September 2006, quickly growing into the worldwide sensation you see today. Facebook may be one of the older social media platforms but with strategic advertising options it is a good start for any business to have a page setup.

Instagram – more commonly known as the social media platform for a younger audience, it has grown to be a favourite for many. Good imagery is key for Instagram users. Often seen as a B2C platform for visual based businesses. Having said that B2B businesses have also received fantastic results in this area.

LinkedIn – has the reputation of being the most utilised platform for older audiences. LinkedIn is also unique because it has a narrow focus. People and businesses use LinkedIn to search for jobs and to network professionally. Resulting in being the most useful platform for B2B lead generation, networking, as well as recruiting employees.

Twitter – an excellent platform to build awareness of your brand. Twitter specialises in hashtags to actively encourage conversations around a chosen subject. Searching for relevant hashtags can help construct your tweets for engagement. Lastly, a great conversation starter Twitter can be a valuable tool in your marketing plan.

This is just a brief introduction to a few of the social media platforms your business can access. For those not mentioned look out for more of our blogs.

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